Wednesday, December 18, 2022

Disclaimer जवाबदारी घोषणा

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It is a free plat form for all the independent and self served  news writers. News / reports / articles completely prepared by the writers themselves as  freelancers without any control of the website owner.

Due to space restraint, videos uploaded (if any) on by the writers / reporters, will / may be uploaded / transferred on You Tube  at the responsibility of the writer / reporter himself and the  the writer / reporter will not have objection against  such uploading / transfer on You Tube.

Therefore, website owner is not responsible for any text content, photographs, audio, video  as part of news / report / article written / published by any  writer / reporter but  such  writer / reporter  him self will be responsible for all the contents of that news / report whether published completely on or partially, the videos (If any) on You tube .