Saturday, October 22, 2016

Cheating By Reliance (Anil Ambani Group) with CDMA Mobil Consumers 


Reliance (Anil Ambani) group has closed it’s existing CDMA post paid Mobil Services. By closure of this service,  Reliance (Anil Ambani) group cheated the consumers and caused heavy losses to the consumers.

As per the closed schemes / services, Reliance was running CDMA services with different packages with the condition that it’s CDMA SIM will  be utilized in CDMA Hand Set only and therefore, on that time, consumers had to purchase CDMA Hand Sets just to use Reliance Services.

But now, without taking any consent of existing consumers and without offering any alternate scheme, Reliance scrapped all CDMA Hand Sets which resulted in to heavy losses to the consumers.

Not only this, from 01.07.2016 to 12.07.2016, in many areas, Reliance CDMA services remained closed and without consent of existing consumers and without offering alternate scheme, all CDMA connections have been converted in 4G connections but that 4G connection can not be used by consumers in existing CDMA Hand Set. Resultantly, now forcefully converted  4G consumers will have to purchase new Hand Sets which again created heavy losses to the consumers.

Further, neither Reliance is giving credit for the period in which it’s services remained closed due to conversion process nor it is allowing migration instantly. In these circumstances, all consumers have been cheated but Ministry Of Telecommunications of present Modi Govt. and TRAI is totally silent and inactive against this cheating. Due to surprising non-action of Govt. Of India and TRAI, each consumer will have to go to Consumer Court which will further increase the costs and  losses of the Reliance Consumers.

Here Immediate Govt. action is required for making the justice with the consumers cheated by Reliance.

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