Sunday, June 19, 2016

Guidelines दिशा-निर्देश

For Readers

Readers are simply eligible to read the news / reports. New readers should read and follow below mentioned.

1. Slider News : On the top, headings and photos of  total 12 latest news / reports / articles are being published / reflected / displayed.  In the right side box select / click   any news heading, that will reflect in left hand side photo box and  heading & short details of the news / report will be highlighted  just below the photo box. Click on photo / photo area / heading & short details  below the photo area, your desired news / report  will be opened in detail for reading.

2. Articles : Headings of latest two articles are being published specially. Headings of such articles may or may not be seen in above latest 12 items.

3. Must Read : Here you can read 5 news selected by editor having special importance or being important news. These news may or may not be latest news.

4. Recent Posts : Click here to read latest / recent news ???????????????????

5. Post Categories :  Reader can select any category (subject) of his choice where he will get all news / articles / posts of that category / subject (Latest to old). And thus, a reader can read news / article / post of his choice.

6. Latest Subject-wise news : On the heart of home / main page of the News Club, readers will see 2-3  latest news / articles / posts with photographs relevant to News. On clicking on any Photo / News heading, readers will be able to read complete / detailed News / Article / Post on a fresh page.

7. Search News by Place / Location, Name or  any Desired Word :  Apart from all above options, readers will get ‘SEARCH’ option on each page of  the website. Readers can search any News / Post / Articles by typing the name of place / Location , Name of Writer or any other person connected to News / post / Article and  any desired word of English and Hindi. Search can be made in the Hindi also, provided you have downloaded Hindi Fonts from Google Tools.

8. How to download Hindi Fonts from Google Tools :

For News / Report Writers

  1. How to Write News / Report न्यूज़ केसे लिखनी
  2. How to Edit News / Report न्यूज़ को एडिट केसे करना.
  3. How to upload Photo / Documentary Evidences फोटो / दस्तावेज केसे अपलोड करना.
  4. How to Upload Video. विडियो केसे अपलोड करना.
  5. How to write in Hindi हिंदी में केसे लिखना.