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Aadhaar Registered Mobile Number – An Aadhaar Problem  

Aadhaar Registered Mobile Number – An Aadhaar Problem

Aadhaar Card is a very good ID proof,  document and data record. Government of India is keenly interested to make the Aadhaar compulsory . But there are many serious Aadhaar Problems  relating to Aadhaar for which Government of India is doing nothing as it appears. Govt / UIDAI may be unaware of these problems. We are just raising all such Aadhaar problems and shortcomings one by one in separate articles. We hope that Government of India  / UIDAI will solve all such Aadhaar Card Problems. In this article, we are raising most serious Sixth problem which can be captioned as ‘ Problem of Aadhaar Registered Mobile Number in  Aadhaar Database .

Problem of Aadhaar Registered Mobile Number Aadhaar Database :  While applying for Aadhaar Card and in the Aadhaar Card Database , the Registered Mobile Number of Aadhaar Card Holder (Resident) is the most serious problem.  Presently, many Aadhaar Holders are facing following problems relating Registered Mobile Number in Aadhaar Card database :-

1. In many cases, it has been observed  that Mobile Number has not been mentioned in Aadhaar Card database rather deliberately.  Therefore,  such aadhaar holder can not make any correction in his aadhaar card online in absence of Aadhaar registered Mobile Number.

2. Due to non-registered mobile number in Aadhaar database, an aadhaar holder can not make any addition /correction /update in Mobile Number in his aadhaar database.

3. If any Aadhaar Holder wants to register his mobile number or correction in Mobile Number due to loss / scrap / change of existing Mobile No., Aadhaar Holder will have to search and attend a Aadhaar Center, where he may be charged in the name of fee / bribe.

4. In many cases, it has been observed that Aadhaar Holders filled complete Mobile No. in application but operators of Aadhaar Authorities did not fill Mobile No. just to save  their time which is creating problem now.

5. Correction / update of Mobile Number is a great / serious headache of Aadhaar Holders. 

Suggestion For Aadhaar Card Holders 

A. New Aadhaar Card Applicants should fill Mobile No. in application.for Aadhaar Card. Applicants should insist upon the Aadhaar Center to fill / accept Mobile No. in aadhaar data.

B. Aadhaar Card holder should try to correct / update the Mobile No.  in Aadhaar Card database offline through Aadhaar Center or online (in case of active existing registered Mobile No.

C. Aadhaar Card holder should beware of the fact that registered mobile No. should not be scrapped / changed / surrendered before the update of new number in Aadhaar database. Aadhaar holder should try to keep and maintain same Mobile No. even after change of Mobile Company.

Suggestion For Aadhaar UIDAI / Govt. Of India

(a) Govt. of India should suo-moto take initiation for registration of Mobile Numbers in case where no Mobile No. has been registered in Aadhaar database.

(b) Govt. of India / UIDAI should allow / correction addition of Mobile Number offline by post.

(c) It is very surprising that any data in Aadhaar database can be changed / updated offline or online without going to Aadhaar Center. But Mobile Number can not be changed without physical attendance in Aadhaar Center. It is very hard, unnecessary and harassing condition. Therefore, Govt. should allow the correction in Mobile No. at least by post.

(d) Till 31.12.2015, UIDAI had a facility to update Mobile No. offline by post. This facility / procedure has been withdrawn now. This facility of Mobile Update by post should be resumed immediately.

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