Saturday, December 2, 2017

Offline Corruption for Online in Commercial Taxes Deptt.  

Sumerpur | Pali | Rajasthan :  It is very surprising in hearing that there is offline corruption for online activities in Commercial Taxes Department of Rajasthan.

It is accepted truth that computerization /  online government activities reduce the corruption. But it is not  full truth. On the contrary online activities increased the scope of corruption in this department by providing such options / tools in the hands of authorities of Commercial Taxes Department.

For understanding this offline corruption in online world, take the example of  online’C’ Form. Earlier in manual era, a dealer use to get one book of 25′ C’ Forms  with a  costing to a dealer around Rs. 100/- as ‘ सुविधा  शुल्क ‘  which was just Rs. 4.00 per ‘C’ Form. Now, a dealer applies online for a ‘C’ form, he will not be issued ‘C’ Form online and he is guided to make request for ‘FORCEFUL APPROVAL ‘.

For getting FORCEFUL APPROVAL, dealer or his consultant will have to go to the concerned officer / clerk of Commercial Taxes Department. You will be lucky if you can arrange FORCEFUL APPROVAL in one round otherwise, dealer will have to take 2-3 rounds due to absence of  Commercial Taxes Officer or Concerned Clerk or Computer Clerk. Finally, dealer have to use Force of Money ( सुविधा  शुल्क) for getting FORCEFUL APPROVAL. By this way, dealer has to pay for each ‘C’ form. As per prevailing practice, one ‘C’ form may cost more than Rs. 100/- plus wastage of time plus wastage of petrol. By this way, offline ‘C’ form was maximum costing to Rs. 4/- which is now available in more than Rs. 100/-. By this example, it can be seen how online ‘C’ form is generating corruption offline.

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