Saturday, October 22, 2016

Income Tax Free India / आयकर मुक्त भारत – Video Launched 

A video of a speech of CA. K.C.Moondra  on “ Income Tax Free India  / आयकर मुक्त भारत “ has been launched on You Tube.

In the month of June, 2016, a program on the subject  “ Naya Bharat”  was organised  at Sumerpur (Rajasthan). In that program,  K.C.Moondra  gave a presentation on various subjects by which  present India can be reformed to a  “New India “ .

Presentation was revolutionary and on various topics with all together new approach. One of the main topic in the program was “ Income Tax Free India  / आयकर मुक्त भारत “. Relevant part / portion of video ( About  6 Minutes) out of the complete speech  of more than two hours has been made public on You Tube. In this program / video K.C.Moondra made a public call that now, time has come that India should be made आयकर मुक्त भारत. In the video, he also gave solution for making the India “Income Tax Free India”. This video can be seen by clicking here.

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