Thursday, December 19, 2019


Akhand Bharat Party a newly formed political party having their Central Office at 47. Rukhmoni Bihar By Pass Mathura – 281004 U.P. GRADUALLY, THEY ARE Expanding their Party to all over India. The moto of party is  “AKHAND BHARAT—— SAMRIDHHA BHARAT”. In West Bengal they started their journey of party. After a long discussion with an advocate and social worker of West Bengal Shri KALI PADA PRAMANIK SELECTED PRESIDENT of their party in West Bengal. National President of the Party Shri Ajay Sharma  in a General  meeting of the party announce the selection of President of  West Bengal.

Mr. Kalipada Pramanik is a good  and honest person and an advocate also attached with social work for a long period. Kalipada ji was searching a clean political party to join and after details search he confirm about the cleanness of the party and agreed to join and agreed to work honestly in west bengal with strong fighting for the aam aadmi on behalf of party.

soon he will announce in a press conference regarding his new party in West Bengal.


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