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Chill this summer at Mount Abu – Beautiful Hill Station Of Rajasthan  

Mount Abu / Abu – A perfect weekend getaway

About Mount Abu A perfect destination for weekend getaway!!! It is the only hill station of Rajasthan.  A great place for nature lovers as the scenic beauty of mountains, forest and lake are captivating.
Places to visit
  1. Gurushikhar It is the top most peak of Mount Abu and also of Rajasthan. The view from the top is delightful.
  2. Dilwara Jain Temple You will be definitely captivated by the cravings on pillars and ceilings of this marble temple.
  3. Nakki Lake The Lake is the heart throb of Mount Abu. Main Market at restaurant joints are located around the lake. You can do boating in the lake.
  4. Peace Park As the name itself suggests, in this garden you get peace of mind. It is constructed and maintained by the Brahmakumari Group. Here sessions about yoga and inner peace are also conducted.
  5. Trevor’s Tank One of the most enthralling locations of Mount Abu is Trevor’s Tank. If you like nature, wildlife, mountains, lake, adventure, then you must visit this place. A few crocodiles are found in the lake. Interested tourist may also visit ‘Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary’.
  6. Arbuda Devi Temple Goddess Arbuda is worshipped in this region. The temple is inside a cave. The way up to the cave is enthralling
  7. Achal Garh Ancient Lord Shiva Temple is famous at Achal Garh
  8. Gaumukh At this point water flows throught the cow’s mouth, so it is named ‘Gaumukh’. A pool has been constructed at the bottom so you can take holy bath in ‘Bathing Pool’ of  holy waters of Gaumukh. But you need to climb down around 700 steps to reach this place.
  9. Toad Rock Toad shaped rock on a hill. From the top of this hill you get a fabulous view of Nakki Lake.
  10. Sunset Point Adorn the sun as it sets down at the sunset point. Horse riding can be done.
  11. Honeymoon Point Another picturesque point to admire the beauty of nature.
  12. Basantgarh (U Valley)A ruined historical location and beautiful ‘U’ Valley near J.K.Cement factory.
  13. Chandrawati Ruined Ancient City located near Industrial Area, Abu Road ( 500 Metres inside drive from Highway.
  14. Ambaji TempleVery famous holy and renown place ‘Ambaji’ of Gujarat where goddess ‘Amba Mata’ is worshipped  but close to Mout  Abu. 
  15. Bheru Tarak DhamA new Jain Temple with modern facilities just 4 Kms down to Mt. Abu for trekkers.
Best season to visit Mount Abu Throughout the year but as per tourist’s interest and theme.
Shopping Woollens, Garments, Footwear and Artificial Jewellery
Hotels & Accommodation 1. Shree Vardhaman Mahaveer Kendra (Only for Vegetarians and  Alcohol – Tobacco free tourists)
Connectivity Railway Station: Abu Road                           Airport: Ahmedabad
Tour Planner / Guide  Green Travels. Contact No.
Special Notes

1. Many signs of ruined ancient city ‘Chandrawati have been preserved at ‘Museum’ at Mount Abu.  

2. If interested in Trekking ‘Bheru Tarak Dham’ is hardly 4 KM downwards on foot.      

3. There are many pleasant Trekking Routes for Trekkers.

4. There are many more Holy, Religious and amusing   / pleasant / entertaining locations at Mount Abu.     

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