Thursday, December 29, 2016

Devgiri Caves are unique and adventurous 

Devgiri caves are really unique and adventrous. Now-a-days, it is attracting a lot of tourists. On the one side Devgiri caves is a holy place due to  worship of Idle Ambe Mataaji in one cave and another main big cave is adventurous. Entry in this caves is very tough.  After crossing the first part of caves, you will enter in to a very low highted big hall in which ore than 100 people can seat and meet.

Height of caves varies between 3 Feets to 6 feets. Exit of Caves results in to a beautiful hilly view.

Idle of Mataji is also very unique and rarest as it is having 16 hands showing mardan (murder) of mahisaasur. LOcation of Devgiri is famous for Leopard Watch

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