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Sumerpur Jawai Bandh Area Heaven For Leopards  

Sumerpur Jawai Bandh Area Heaven for Leopards / Panthers

About Sumerpur Jawai Bandh Falna Sumerpur Jawai Bandh and Falna, these three towns are situated in Pali District of Rajasthan. They are important from wildlife, pilgrimage and business point of view.
Places to visit

1. Jawai Bandh front view (जवाई बांध ). It is the largest dam of Western Rajasthan. The view from top is lovely. You can also visit the Hawa Mahal

2. Jawai Bandh back waters (Jawai Bandh)You can get inside the Jawai Dam in other than rainy season. The scenic beauty of back waters is stunning. Jawai Dam back water is a home to crocodiles, leopards and migrated birds from Siberia.

3. Panther Path / Leopard Safari (Jawai Bandh) Around 70 leopards are found in the Aravali Range. There are certain caves in the Jawai Bandh belt where these leopard families reside. You can watch them coming out from their caves in early morning or in the evening around sunset.

4. Devgiri Caves – देवगिरी गुफाये  (Jawai Bandh) Located in Jawai Dam back waters these caves are like cherry on top of cake for the adventure lovers. There are points where you need to crawl to go further. There is a hall inside the main Devgiri Cave which can accommodate around 150 people.

5. Golden Temple स्वर्ण मंदिर (Falna) The walls of this Jain temple has been painted with real gold. The mirror room underneath is also good.

6. Jungle Safari  जंगल सफारी (Day / Night) in the surrounding Areas / Forest areas / Semi Forest Areas of Jawai Bandh,  Kambeshwar Temple and few villages of Sirohi District of Rajasthan.

7. Kambeshwar Temple काम्बेश्वर महादेव (Dist – Sirohi) Lord Shiva’s famous  Temple situated on a hill.Hundreds of monkeys (Langoors) are found here very closely.

8. Rata Mahaveerji राता महावीरजी (Bijapur, Dist – Pali) Lord Mahaveer’s very old Jain Temple with reddish idol at very peaceful location the bottom of Arawali hills 2 kilometeres away from Bijapur village.

9. Har Har Gange – Vat Vriksh हर हर गंगे  – वट वृक्ष (Bijapur, Dist – Pali) Lord Shiva’s famous  Temple with Goumukh situated on a adventruous Arawali hill through a beautiful trekking route. Hundreds of monkeys (Langoors) are found here very closely. Trekking start point is a Rajasthan’s widest Tree (Vat Varksha – वट वृक्ष ) where you can not locate the STEM (तना) of that Vat Varksha – वट वृक्ष. Route goes through Rata Mahaveerji.

10. Chetan Balaji  चेतन बालाजी (Bhatund, Dist – Pali) Lord Hanuman’s famous  Temple replying questions by Auto Revolving Stones (Clockwise or Anticlockwise) with the weight worshiper as believed by local worshipers  situated at a very peaceful location. इस प्रसिद्ध हनुमान मंदिर में दो छोटे काले पत्थर है . ऐसी स्थानीय मान्यता है कि  कोई भी भक्त हनुमान चालीसा का एक पाठ  करके किसी एक प्रश्न को मन में सोचकर पूर्ण आस्था के साथ एक पत्थर पर बेठने के  बाद वह पत्थर अपने आप ‘हां’ के लिए घडी की दिशा में या ‘ ना ‘ के लिए घडी की उलटी दिशा में घूमेगा. अनास्था की स्थिति में नहीं घूमेगा.

11. Ambeshwar Temple (Dist – Sirohi) – Lord Shiva Temple situated on a hill just close to National Highway No.62 and close to Sirohi District Head Quarter.

12. Sarneshwar Temple (Dist – Sirohi) – Lord Shiva Temple situated on a hill just close to National Highway No.62 and close to Sirohi District Head Quarter.

13. Pavapuri Jain Temple (Sirohi) – Well maintained premises comprising of Jain temple, Gaushala with around 6000 cows, Camel and Horse rides, Restaurant and Accommodation.

Best season to visit For Watching Leopard, Jawai Bandh back waters, Devgiri Caves and Jungle Safari October to June,  For all other locations of Sumerpur Jawai Bandh Area through out the year.

1. Sarso / Rapeseed Oil Kacchi Ghani -M/s Shree Shakti Oil & Dall Mills, Station Road, Sumerpur.

2. Pickles (Chhagan Magan) – M/s C.M.Foods, Angore Industrial Estate, Station Road, Sumerpur.

3. Sarees and Dresses Materials -Main Market, Sheoganj (Twin town of Sumerpur).

4. Umbrellas – Falna City.

Hotels & Accommodation

Hotel Kambaa Jawai, K. K. Plaza, Arya Samaj Circle, Jawai Bandh Road, Sumerpur.   Contact No. 02933-258833,258844. Email – [email protected]

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Connectivity Railway Station:Jawai Bandh, Falna, Sirohi Road.

Airport: Jodhpur, Udaipur, Ahmedabad.


Tour Planner / Guide
Special Notes A. Famous Personalities of Sumerpur Jawai Bandh Area 

  1. Wild Life Expert  –  Dr. Dilip Arora.
  2. Botanical  Expert –  Bharat Chauhan
B. Sumerpur Jawai Bandh Area is centrally located between Jodhpur, Udaipur and Mount Abu. (All these tourist spots are a 2 hours drive from Sumerpur)

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