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How E-commerce Companies Like eBay Cheat Vendors – Beware of Cheaters ?  

How E-commerce Companies Like eBay Cheat Vendors / Suppliers Including Excuse of GST – Beware of Cheaters?


How E-commerce Companies Like eBay Cheat Suppliers

Many E-commerce Companies (Electronic Commerce Operator) like eBay are involved in scandalous Cheating with their suppliers in different manners and at different stages. The scandalous Cheating starts from the day one as a part of conspiracy against an Indian supplier when he approaches to register himself with such companies like eBay. As per our own research on this issues, such  E-commerce Companies like eBay cheat at different stages in different manners –

A. By Taking Excuse of KYC ERROR: There is no statutory requirement of KYC of supplier with an E-commerce Company (Electronic Commerce Operator) but if it requires, the supplier / vendor should not have any objection while registering the supplier / vendor. Conspiracy and cheating on this issue is carried out by an e-commecrce company at following stages and in following manner –

  1. Such e-commerce company register any supplier-vendor and start selling / booking the items of such supplier-vendor without asking any KYC or without insisting upon KYC as part of their conspiracy.
  1. After business / supplies starts from Supplier and payment becomes due as per terms and conditions of e-commerce companies, naturally Vendor-Supplier will request for payment, then a query of non-furnishing of KYC or incomplete KYC will be raised first time and payment will be held-up by taking excuse of KYC ERROR.
  1. After holding up of the payments of goods so supplied by such Vendor-Supplier, Vendor sends his KYC documents online but e-commerce company will try to raise further objection / defect in KYC, it will suspend the account or keep on holding the payment.
  1. Even after sending the all the required KYC documents,  they will not update theirt records in next 15 days or more also and then after continuous follow-up with Customer Care, they will say that your Aadhaar Card (in case of proprietors) is blur so please forward it again and then again it will take 5-7 days to start remittance. It is totally false and non-sense excuse as Aadhaar is freely and officially verifiable online.
  1. By this way, e-commerce company (Electronic Commerce Operator)  tries it best to delay the payment without any interest.

B. By Taking Excuse of Customers’ Claims : This is also the most common issue of taking excuse of pending claims. Conspiracy and cheating on this issue is carried out by an e-commerce company at following stages and in following manner –

  1. In today’s online world, no body reads terms and conditions and such companies frames their terms and conditions in such manners so that a vendor can not get payment for months together. There is common type of pointless policy that if Supplier’s  account is suspended due to any issue relating to claim, Vendor will not get the payment for any item unless all the claims are settled.
  1. for example, If a Vendor have sold 100 items and in case of 2 transactions, customer has demanded refund or any other claim but such E-commerce company (Electronic Commerce Operator)  will put on hold entire amount of 100 supplies unless those 2 claim settle finally.
  1. Now, thing is that 1or two or few claims / disputes always remain in pipeline and therefore, such E-commerce company (Electronic Commerce Operator) will not pay for ever. This tactic is also part of scandalous conspiracy against the small Indian Vendors.

C. By Taking Excuse of IP address issue : This triggers when the Vendor sells from different id created by such company (more than one) from the same mobile phone or desktop. When such company comes to know about multiple ID, such suspends Vendor’s all operations / accounts even without any prior notice or warning.

Suspension effect : In case Vendor’s account is suspended for any reason, his payment will be put on hold initially for 30 days stating the period as review period and more ever, they will not tell supplier reason why that account has been put on hold. More ever, the time limit of 30 days may not come in next many months.

D. Now By Taking Excuse of GST

  1. In this , such E-commerce company (Electronic Commerce Operator)  puts on hold all the payment of vendors / who either don’t want to continue selling through such company as they don’t have GST or whose account is suspended and after contacting Customer service they will simply tell them to wait stating that they are also awaiting orders from head office and they don’t know how much time it will take and every time Vendors call them, they will tell you different time period to wait .

  2. Now-a-days,  such companies are asking for GST Registration Number. It is all right for continuing Vendors after 30.06.2017 but there is no need to furnish      GSTIN for the transactions prior to 30.06.2017 or those who are not interested to continue from 01.07.2017. But in all such cases, payments have been put       on hold for want of GSTIN which is totally unlawful and unjustified.

News Club’s Request and support : By these ways, such E-commerce companies (Electronic Commerce Operator)  are looting the Indian Vendors by their scandalous cheating through well planned conspiracy. Therefore, we request Indian Government, particularly Hon’ble PM to look into the matter and take the necessary actions to release the funds of Indian Suppliers / Vendors. Please also create necessary restrictions / controls over such scandalous cheating activities of such e-commerce companies.

  • CA. K.C.Moondra / Kailash Chandra

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