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Registered Mobile Number in Aadhar Card – A huge problem  

Our honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi dreams of a Digital India. But friends please tell me is this possible in country like India where we are given facility without any means? Take Aadhar Card for instance.

The importance of Aadhar Card needs no explanation. Aadhar Card is turning out to be the most essential document for Indians after Passport. But the Aam Janata is facing loads of hardships in relation to this Unique ID Card and the Government / UIDAI is hardly bringing any solutions to the problems in Aadhar Card. The biggest issue / problem being faced by people in relation to Aadhar Card is OTP (One Time Password) received on registered mobile number only.

Yes, we are given the facility to download E-Aadhaar and make corrections in Aadhar Data Online which is great but these facilities have their short comings which are being ignored by UIDAI.

The most important part in Downloading E-Aadhaar by Aadhaar No. and making Online Correction in Aadhar Card is Registered Mobile Number. You can download your E-Aadhaar and update / correct details such as Name, Address, Date of Birth, Gender, Email ID and Mobile Number if and only if you have a Registered Mobile Number (as OTP is sent on registered mobile number only).


  1.  If you do not have a registered mobile number or
  2. The registered mobile number is no more operative,

you cannot download E-Aadhaar or make online corrections in your Aadhaar Data. Instead you can download your E-Aadhaar using EID i.e Enrollment Receipt No. and Date and Time of Enrollment. Now who on Earth will preserve the Enrollment Receipt after receiving the Aadhar Card? For Correction Application you will have to apply by Post and it will take approx 2 months for correction in Aadhar Data which was just a matter of 2 days if your mobile number would have been registered.

These problems are arising because people are ignorant about importance of mobile no. in Aadhar Card. In more than 50% cases mobile no. is not mentioned in Aadhar Card. Moreover the only way to get your mobile number registered or corrected is by visiting an Enrollment Center in person.

In these circumstances Government or UIDAI should  take following measures to relieve the citizens of India from Aadhaar related problems:

  1. Allow to download E-Aadhaar on the basis of Aadhaar Number without sending OTP only on registered mobile no. i.e. OTP should be sent on the mobile number as entered by the downloader.
  2. Similarly, allow online correction in Aadhaar Data without sending OTP on registered mobile no.
  3. Facility to update mobile number by post must be provided.

Also people should keep in mind the following points to prevent from getting into problem:

  1. Ensure that your mobile number is registered in Aadhaar database.
  2. Update the new mobile number in Aadhaar before deactivating the registered mobile number.
  3. Instead of taking a new mobile number if possible prefer number portability (Change only company) so that the number as registered in Aadhaar does not require updation.

The above suggestions can solve many problems and hardships of the Indian citizens and save loads of time of both the Government and the people.

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4 Responses to Registered Mobile Number in Aadhar Card – A huge problem

  1. jasvir kumar

    OTP password my phone number 7837415948 chalu otp aadhar card

    • admin

      Unable to understand your problem

  2. Jasvir kumar

    Aadhar card par phone number jodna phone number 7837415948 Aadhar card number 281160741234 please sir

    • admin

      Contact Aadhaar Center, please


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