Friday, December 1, 2017

Hidden Income of 65250 Crores Declared under IDS, 2016 ?  

Time limit of declaration under IDS, 2016 has come to an end on 30th September, 2016. As expected, this scheme is not successful scheme but as seen and propagated on various TV channels, Black Money / hidden incomes of about 65250 Crores has been declared by 64275 declarant. The figure of Rs. 65250 Crores is not digestible but if it is the score of / under the Income Declaration Scheme, 2016, it will be treated as successful scheme.

Government and/ or officers of Government of India declaring the figure of declaration of black money of Rs. 65250 Crores but they are not speaking any word about IDS, 2016. Government is hiding some facts and it is not declared  that this  data is exclusively related to declaration under IDS, 2016 ?

Experts doubt that the figure of Rs.65250 from IDS Scheme, 2016  is not correct but it might have included figures of regular search and surveys carried out  simultaneously with IDS, 2016 between 01.06.2016 and 30.09.2016. Experts also think that figure of black money declared under Search and survey have the major role in the figure of Rs. 65250 Crores.

It has also been observed in some cases of search / survey  that declaration was also taken for declaration during the search / survey for IDS, 2016 and substantial part of undisclosed income diverted to IDS, 2016 to make the scheme successful. Therefore, Government should come forward with truth and declare the quantum of declaration under the IDS, 2016 only, exclusively and separately for clarifying the doubts in public. 

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