Friday, September 20, 2019

NACD Started their Organization on 15/10/2018  

National Anti corruption Department in a meeting tomorrow on 15/10/2018 in a small meeting at their Office announce restart of their Organization with stable Legal Entity.National Director General in his speech promise to serve the nation and discuss how they fight against Crime and Corruption for a crime and Corruption free society and for establish Rights of Human.they appel to police and all government departments to help them. They always take Govt help in this regard. They also open their website namely are opening by National Director General
KALIPADA PRAMANIK ADVOCATE. THEY Appeal to every people to raise their hands with them to success organization moto. Their Addl. Director General announce their National committe headed by National Director General Of KALIPADA PRAMANIK ADVOCATE.They promise to work all over India and for this already appeal to every State.

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