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Which is the best Pure Deshi Ghee (Milk Fat / Butter Oil) ?  

In western countries,  Pure Deshi Ghee is known as ‘Butter Oil’ or ‘Milk Fat’.  However, in India, Pure Deshi Ghee means that Deshi Ghee which is produced / procured from milk of Cow and Buffalo. And thus, main source of Pure Deshi Ghee is the milk and milk products such as Butter, Curd and Cream (Malai) etc. If you want to select and test ‘Best Pure Deshi Ghee’ for your consumption, you may take support from following grades subject to your own satisfaction :-

Grade  – 1 :  Deshi cow Ghee produced from Deshi cow milk at home (if  milk of  Indian breed cow is available).

Grade – 2 :  Deshi cow  Ghee  produced  by the trusts like Pavapuri Jain Teerth (Rajasthan) . 

Grade – 3 : Deshi cow  Ghee  produced  by the trusts like Pathameda Goushala (Rajasthan) . 

Grade – 4 : Cow  Ghee  produced  by the Govt. /  Co-operative Dairies  like Saras (Rajasthan) which is mainly produced from Indian Breed of Cows..

Grade – 5 : Deshi  Ghee produced from cow and /or buffalo  and/or  mix milk at home.

Grade – 6 : Cow  Ghee  produced  by the Govt. /  Co-operative Dairies  like Amul.

Grade – 7 : Deshi Ghee produced from cow and /or buffalo  and/or  mix milk  by Govt.  Recognised  Co-operative Dairies  like Amul and Saras  etc. (As available in all States of India locally) 

Grade –  8 : Cow  Ghee produced / procured  by private companies like Patanjali, Hudsan, Dynamix  etc. which is produced from  Butter, Butter Oil and Cream (Malai)  purchased from open market including imported Butter, Butter oil / Milk Fat which is mainly produced from Western (Non-Indian) Breed of Cows.

It is claimed that Famous Pathameda Goushala serves about 1.00 Lakh cows and Pawapuri Jain Teerth serves about 5,000 cows which are India’s biggest Goushalas and  Pathameda Goushala also collects Deshi Cow Milk Lakh from the farmers affiliated to Pathameda Goushala but  Indian Companies like Patanjali, Hudsan and  Dynamix  etc. (which claims cow ghee production)  do not have any folk of cows / goushala for production of cow ghee. More ever, such companies neither  claim that their Ghee is ‘Deshi cow  Ghee’ nor they claim that they produce the Ghee from even from Milk of their own cows or the outside cows. Generally, no Foreign company is involved on production of Cow Ghee in India.

Appearance of Cow Ghee (Yelowish Colour)Pathmeda Cow Ghee Indian Breed (Deshee) Cow

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