Sunday, August 11, 2019

Govt. Currency Action leads to Heavy Traffic Jam – सरकार की अव्यवस्था से लगा भारी जाम  

The nation is in a chaos after PM Narendra Modi’s speech (Mann ki Baat) last night. I highly appreciate the efforts of the Govt. to curb black money however this step is also a sudden attack on a common man. With less than 4 hours notice currency notes of Rs. 500 and 1000 have been declared invalid. Now everyone is desperate to spend their Rs. 500 and 1000 notes. But there are also persons who do not have any other option but to pay in denomination of Rs. 500 / 1000 as they do not have any other currency note.

Such sudden discontinuation of currency notes has created havoc at all the highway toll points across the nation. It takes days and sometimes even weeks for the truck drivers to reach their destination. They carry sufficient cash to pay the toll taxes. But after last night’s actions the truck drivers and other travelers are left helpless. The truck drivers and other travelers have money and they are also willing to pay but they do not have the correct denominations to pay toll taxes. This has resulted into heavy traffic jams at all the toll points.

How does the Government expect the truck drivers and other travelers who have left their source place few days back without any warning or notice of such currency discontinuation to carry cash in denominations of Rs. 100? One cannot expect the truck drivers to have debit or credit cards, cheques are not accepted at toll points, banks are closed today and also the withdrawal limit from bank account is limited to Rs. 2000/- per day only. With all the above negatives people are left helpless.In fact the truck drivers do not have money to pay for their food also. They are made beggars over night.

Every traveler whether they have correct denomination to pay toll taxes or not are stuck in heavy traffic jam. They cannot move further nor can go back. Great chances of riots and uproar are being generated at the toll points.

The Govt. should consider the above scenario and should grant the use of Rs. 500 and 1000 notes for at least next 48 hours at all the toll points so that the truck drivers can arrange for proper currency notes in the mean time.

We understand that the severe steps are for the benefit of the nation but the Govt. must also realize that in the name of nation what hardships a common man is suffering.

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